Rabbi Reuven Epstein

Rabbi Reuven Epstein

Founder and CEO

Let’s talk about marriage. After all, it is my favorite subject.

I’ve taught and counseled hundreds of individuals and couples and love to watch relationships transform. My approach is completely based on the Torah’s wisdom on marriage. I weave that together with modern psychology and the most effective personal development tools around. I only teach what works and as my system has deepened and evolved over the years, I have seen it reach more and more people.

That’s why I’m pretty certain that if we got together and you told me what’s going on in your relationship, I would know exactly how to help you. I’ve seen so many marriages grow because of these classes that I have no doubt yours would too.

It all started right after I was newly married. I had the incredible fortune of learning with Rabbi Yitzchok Kalifon, a marriage and intimacy expert and student of Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel. We met weekly for four and a half years. I asked him every question I had about women, men, intimacy, communication, conflict, you name it. We left no subject untouched.

During that time my own marriage blossomed beyond my dreams. And I had collected piles of notebooks filled with gold.

What’s interesting is that because I naturally organize and systemize everything I learn, I instinctively created a system that I could personally master. I never dreamed I would be sharing it with others one day; that so many people would find it useful for their marriage.

That was the beginning of MarriagePro.

Eventually, my teacher encouraged me to start teaching. I was excited. We were living in Israel at the time and I had no idea I was about to discover my life’s work, one that I would share with my life’s partner.

Professionally, I’m a CPA and a partner with Ben Epstein and Associates. I also studied at the Jerusalem Kollel for more than four years and received my rabbinic ordination from Rav Yitzchok Berkovits and Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. Today,my wife Gitty and I live in Brooklyn with our three children.

Now, let’s get back to you.

Ready to get started creating your dream marriage?

Watch a sample class from our new 24-part marriage education video series. Then sign up for the whole caboodle. You won’t regret it.

Now meet my partners, Rabbi Yehuda and Basya Kovacs.

The Kovacs

The Kovacs


The Kovacs are both trained as PAIRS presenters. They teach couples how to improve communication, strengthen bonding, empathy, emotional understanding and expression, and learn to constructively navigate conflicts and differences. They give clear, hands-on training in using effective communication tools and techniques and model each method using real-life examples. Rabbi Kovacs has been a rabbi for many years and has taught numerous chasanim. Basya has a Masters in Education and Special Education. She is a seasoned Jewish educator and was the Director of the Shalom Workshop. The Kovacs live in New Jersey with their five children.

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