Do you know how to Date Like a Pro?

In this three hour comprehensive dating workshop you will learn to “Date Like a Pro” with Rabbi Reuven Epstein. You will learn what a man needs to bring to the table, what a woman’s role is, what a successful marriage looks like and practical skills for setting up your relationship for success. Instead of “winging it” you will learn the system of dating for marriage and how to set your relationship up for success.
This workshop is an offshoot to the successful Marriage Curriculum offered by The Marriage Project, covering important topics, strategies and practical applications of skills necessary to become a successful dater.
These tools, skills and vision is appropriate for all singles and parents of daters.
This exciting seminar has been given in various Jewish communities and is now being offered online for you to watch in the comfort of your own home.

What Will I Learn?

Date Like a Pro Seminar Covers the Following Topics

1 Introduction and goal setting 2 Understanding Men 3 Understanding women 4 Finding the perfect mate 5 Tools from your Mother and Father 6 Emotional Development 7 Practical questions to ask 8 Warning signs 9 Trust and Control 10 The Art of the Date 11 Prioritizing and compromising 12 What to look for 13 Understanding what a successful marriage looks like 14 Areas of connection and contention



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