“The Complete Guidebook to Family Purity”, Rabbi Reuven Epstein’s latest contribution to his life-long mission to create great Jewish marriages, provides clear guidance to those who strive to follow the sacred laws of Family Purity. Based on material Rabbi Epstein learned from the world-renowned Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlita, “The Guidebook” is a comprehensive guide to the laws of family purity, for new kallahs to the seasoned learner.

The book is divided into three parts:

Part 1: The Basics

  • Everything you need to know about Family Purity
  • All the laws in a quick and simple format
  • Questions and Answers on the material

Part 2: Beyond the Basics

  • A deeper dive into Part 1.
  • The halachic background of every law, including opinions from the Gemora, Shulchan Aruch, and current poskim, with Halacha l’maaseh from Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit”a.

Part 3: Questions and Answers

  • All the questions that could arise while keeping family purity.
  • Practical guidance
  • An in-depth guide to understanding the practical differences between the opinions offered in Part 2.

Rabbi Reuven Epstein is a respected authority on the laws of Family Purity and an internationally recognized expert in helping couples create their dream marriage. He has taught hundreds individually and thousands in his seminars, and has truly mastered teaching the beauty of Jewish marriage and how to achieve it.

His 24-part MarriagePro video series complements “The Complete Guidebook to Family Purity”, with in-depth hashkafa and practical communication skills.