The Only System You'll Ever Need to Create

Your Dream Marriage
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The Only System You'll Ever Need to Create

Your Dream Marriage
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So What’s Your Plan?

If you’re newly married and don’t have a plan for making your marriage great, can you guess what your chances are of succeeding? You’ve got it. No chance. Or, rather, you’re taking a big chance with the most important thing in your life. Why would you do that? The MarriagePro Video Series gives you the opportunity to create an amazing marriage–one you deserve. Learn the system and master it, with ongoing support while you do.

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What Will I Learn?

Marriage Pro Videos Cover the Following Topics

Class 1 Introduction (22:35)

Class 2 Why We Get Married (30:36)

Class 3 Take Responsibility for Your Marriage (25:38)

Class 4 Don’t Co-exist (21:55)

Class 5 Mother and Father and Emotional Development (31:07)

Class 6 Living a Life of Kesher (24:38)

Class 7 What Women Need (29:08)

Class 8 What Men Need (23:03)

Class 9 Trust and Control (49:51)

Class 10 A Life of Dignity (21:50)

Class 11 Understanding Desire (22:07)

Class 12 I’m Not a Mind Reader (24:17)

Class 13 Keep the Avenues of Giving Wide Open (24:04)

Class 14 Questions and Answers (20:40)

Class 15 Navigating the Relationship Roadmap (23:23)*

Class 16 Good Talking, Good Listening, and Effective Communication Skills (23:31)*

Class 17 Emptying your Emotional Jug (28:58)*

Class 18 Self-Awareness Tools (20:37)*

Class 19 Before, During, and After a Fight (19:13)*

Class 20 The Fair Fight for Change (17:26)*

Class 21 Emotional Allergies and Love Knots (22:04)*

Class 22 Daily Temperature Read and Care Bank (18:18)*

Class 23 The Marriage Barometer (27:29)*

Class 24 Practical Ways to Maximize Your Marriage (1:06:40)

Class 25 How to deal with rough patches (15:22)

Class 26 What your husband isn’t telling you about himself (20:43)

Class 27 What your wife isn’t telling you about herself (19:50)

Class 28 How to take your marriage to the next level (28:44)

Class 29 How to avoid common marriage pitfalls (25:04)

Class 30 Balancing the living room and bedroom (coming soon!)


*Starred classes incorporate teaching from The PAIRS Foundation. PAIRS is a registered trademark used under license from the PAIRS foundation. All rights reserved. For more information visit These classes are presented by Rabbi & Mrs. Yehuda and Basya Kovacs.

Payment Plans

  • 30 professional, engaging videos
  • Exercises, tools, insights, skills
  • Holistic self-development and awareness 
  • Ongoing webinars, email support, bonus classes
  • Lifetime membership


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All materials are non-refundable and non-returnable because we know how much you’ll benefit from this program once you get going. After you register, we won’t let you back out of the opportunity of a lifetime to create your dream marriage. So commit to mastering your marriage today.

When you Buy the Whole Series

Here’s What You Get


30 engaging, professionally filmed and edited videos


Insight, tools, skills, exercises, and guidance to create an amazing marriage


Email support to answer questions you may have 


Lifetime access to a comprehensive marriage curriculum 


Holistic self-development and awareness

Why You’ll Love Marriage Pro

  • It’s full of new skills, practical tools, and helpful tips.
  • It’s taught by a real marriage expert.
  • The short, targeted videos fit into your busy schedule.
  • It’s private. You get to watch anytime, anywhere.
  • And affordable. Less than $1 a day for one year, for a lifetime of love, joy, and intimacy.
  • It puts an end to the pain, confusion, stress, and worry that comes from a troubled marriage.
  • And gives you peace of mind. The kind that comes from a harmonious relationship.
  • It’s an address for your friends when they comment on your amazing marriage.

How is This Program Different?

  • It works! Hundreds of happy couples prove it.
  • It’s based on the Torah’s outlook on marriage, yet integrated with modern psychology.
  • It’s backed by Rabbis worldwide.
  • You’ll see positive change from the first video.
  • It’s entertaining for the modern couple.
  • It’s professionally filmed and edited; no annoying delays or glitches.
Laptop Screen with Video Class Playing

Since watching the seminar online our marriage completely changed for the better. We were able to watch the classes at our own pace and implemented so many new tools into our marriage. The seminar series is a must watch!

Moshe and Chaya

New York NY

Marriage Pro Will Help You:

  • Create the bond you crave with your partner and deepen your connection.
  • Dramatically improve your communication; get the attention and respect you desire.
  • Increase and sustain intimacy.
  • Understand your partner and give them exactly what they need and desire.
  • Create a healthy, happy family.
  • Get back on track if either you or your partner are unhappy.
  • Relax, knowing you’re getting the right Torah perspective.

The marriage seminar by Rabbi Reuven Epstein has been and continues to be extremely helpful and eye opening to us. The Insight, clarity, and practicality in how relationships sustain itself and grow is invaluable. We highly recommend all couples to purchase and watch this series together.

Yitzi and Baila

Lakewood, NJ